Monday, March 8, 2010

Adiós Nonino - The Movie

Today's featured video has been available on the web for several years but it appeared on YouTube for the first time this week. It is one of my favorites for the simplicity and eloquence in telling the story of Adiós Nonino .

The film is one of a series of silent films created by Kat Eiswald. You can see her other films at Feminale Films. They are all done to the music of Piazzolla and represent a collection of real jewels by one of America's most creative young filmmakers.

The music for the video is one of the several piano preludes to Adiós Nonino which Piazzolla composed for the pianists of his Quintet. Here the prelude is performed by Seth Asarnow, a bandoneónist (and clearly a superb pianist) and a central figure in the California tango world.

As a final note, Nonino is an Italian nickname for grandfather and is the name Piazzolla's two children called their grandfather.

Embedding has been disabled for this video so to view it, you must click here.

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