Friday, January 29, 2010

Buenos Aires Hora Cero - Pétrol-17

It's energy not finesse that makes today's video stand out from the crowd. The Québécois quartet, Pétrol-17, attacks and conquers Buenos Aires Hora Cero at the Lion d'Or in Montréal in the video.

Pétrol-17 members include Marie-Pierre d'Aigle (violin), Samuel Caron (harmonica), Benjamin Tremblay Carpentier (Guitar), and Mingan Sauriol (piano). They classify themselves as an acoustic/thrash/jam band on their mySpace page - seems to fit. Their interpretation is not that far from Piazzolla's original - someone is a careful listener. The concept of the piece was to depict what happens at "zero hour" - the midnight instant of discontinuity between yesterday and today. And what happens is, as the expression goes, all hell breaks loose. A fitting target for an acoustic/thrash/jam band. Some may quibble with the replacement of the bandoneón with a harmonica but if you open up a bandoneón it is nothing more than a set of harmonicas arranged to use a mechanical bellows and buttons rather than lungs and a tongue. I am not sure Pétrol-17 would deliver a good version of Milonga del angel, but for Hora Cero - they are a good choice.

Unanswered questions: Why would Pétrol-17 choose to play Hora Cero? There must be a Piazzolla fan in that band. Who is it? The guitarist is my suspect.

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