Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meditango - the Rest of the Story

In October, this blog reviewed an award winning performance of Meditango by the Belarus Group and complained that they were not meditative enough. You may want to revisit that blog post before viewing today's video which picks up where the Belarus Group stopped and provides the rest of the story - the meditative part of the story.

The video features the Argentine composer, arranger and bandoneónist Carlos Buono, and three unidentified musicians in the Melopea studio. Buono is no stranger to the recording studio - his website lists more than twenty albums he has recorded. He is often the bandoneónist-not-seen and deserves much broader exposure. He has a very high level of technical skill and, as this video demonstrates, a capability to find depth in the music of Piazzolla. The other musicians are not identified but are clearly familiar with the music and very competent. The arrangement puts the bandoneón in front and allows the elegiac nature of Meditango to glow. The same group of musicians can also be heard and seen in a recent video of Libertango.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

To learn more about Piazzolla videos, visit the Piazzolla Video site.

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