Monday, May 11, 2009

Jazz version: A Don Nicanor Paredes

Something unusual today: a jazz version of seldom heard Piazzolla piece, A don Nicanor Paredes, with lyrics by famed Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges. The work was written in 1965 and recorded that same year on the album, El Tango, with vocal by bass, Edmundo Rivero. The liner notes of that LP, written by Piazzolla, describe the piece as "composed on an 8-bar measure of Gregorian chant and resolving the melodic part without artificial modernism -- everything very simple, deeply felt and honest." The performance in today's video captures everything in that sentence.

A don Nicanor Paredes is played here in Copenhagen by a jazz trio led by trombonist, Erling Kroner, who also provides the vocal, along with Eva Malling on double bass, and Kurt Larsen on accordion. I enjoyed their easy flow through the piece and particularly admire the strong Gregorian foundation provided by bassist, Eva Malling. I think the jazz world will see more of this talented young musician.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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